AVALON - By Josh Phillips
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Avalon is copyright ©1999 - 2002 Josh Phillips. All rights reserved.

In general, you will need permission from me before reproducing Avalon either on the Internet or in print. This includes "inlining" Avalon on your own site (that is, the act of displaying an Avalon comic strip that resides on Avalon's server on a web site that isn't Avalon's). Personal use is fine... if you want to print off a strip and put it on your cubicle wall (or more appropriately, your residence room door), that's great. But if you want lots of other people to read it, please just direct them to the Avalon site.

If you're a cartoonist and want to use Avalon's characters and/or setting in your comic strip, feel free. Cameos are great fun; just please make sure to mention Avalon as the original source, and mention the URL to this site if you can. And please tell me about the cameo. :-) For usage that goes beyond a simple cameo (like a long-term storyline involving Avalon characters), please let me know ahead of time about your intentions. I do appreciate it when artists want to use my characters, but I don't want them being desecrated behind my back. :-)

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Copyright ©1999 - 2006 Josh Phillips. You may not have any illegal fun with Avalon.
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