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2000 NHL Playoff Pool

Current player standings


Sunday, May 28
    The Stanley Cup Final is here! Be sure to register your pick before Tuesday, May 30, at 8:00 PM Eastern.

Registration (Final Round)

Deadline: Tuesday, May 30, 8:00 PM Eastern (5:00 PM Pacific)

Registration has ended for the 2000 Avalon NHL Playoff Pool. Final results of the pool will be available once the Stanley Cup Final has ended.

Come back next year for the 2001 Pool!

E-mail Josh Phillips if you have any questions or problems.


1st Place: An original, autographed cast drawing by Josh; your choice of t-shirt, mug, or mousepad from the Avalon store; and a guest appearance in a future Avalon strip.

2nd Place: Your choice of t-shirt, mug, or mousepad from the Avalon store; and a guest appearance in a future Avalon strip.

3rd Place: A guest appearance in a future Avalon strip.


How to play
It's actually pretty simple: just pick the teams you think will win during each round of the playoffs, and in how many games. You also get to pick the Stanley Cup champion before it all begins.
The playoffs work like this: 16 teams enter the first round, and are paired up in best-of-7 matchups. After the first round, 8 teams will remain, and they go into the 2nd round. By the 4th round (the Stanley Cup final), two teams will remain, and one of them will go on to win it all.
Since we don't know who's gonna be playing until the end of each round, there's a separate registration before each round begins. So keep an eye out on this page, as well as the NHL standings.

During each registration period (between playoff rounds), a form will appear on this page. To register, simply fill out the form with your picks.

  • You do not need to pick a winner from each matchup; of course, this will hurt your chances for gaining points.
  • Also, you do not need to choose the number of games played for each matchup; however if you do, you must also choose a winner.
  • The games played must be between 4 and 7 (since these are best-of-7 series).
  • You may only choose the Stanley Cup winner during the first round, out of all 16 teams.
Once you have registered for a round, a '0' will appear beside your name in the players' scores table.

As the winners are determined during a round, your score will increment accordingly. Points are scored as follows:
  • 1 point for correctly picking the winner of a matchup
  • 1 additional point for also correctly picking the number of games played in the matchup
  • 5 points (at the end of the playoffs) for correctly picking the Stanley Cup champion

Official-sounding stuff
  1. There is no cost to enter. Each player may only participate once; no multiple entries are allowed.
  2. You must register separately for each round to gain points from them. You need not register for all rounds. Points gained in any round will be carried forward until the end of the pool.
  3. Registration for any particular round begins immediately after the previous round ends. Registration ends when the next round begins. There will be at least 48 hours in which to register, even if this overlaps with the start of the next round.
  4. A player's picks are final when registration ends. Picks for the next round may be changed at any time before the end of registration.
  5. In case of a tie, whichever player's Stanley Cup pick went the farthest in the playoffs will win. Further ties are broken by fewest rounds participated in, and then by lottery.
  6. This pool is not affiliated in any way with the NHL.

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