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Banner/Icon Images

Feel free to use these images as links to Avalon.

If you do choose to use these images, please take heed of the following (just because it creates less trouble for me):

  • Use copies of these images stored on your own server; don't reference to the images on www.avalonhigh.com. This uses less of my own resources, and also prevents your site from getting screwed when my server chokes.
  • Don't modify these images before using them. Although, if you do modify one and it turns out better, send me a copy and I'll consider adding it below. :-)
  • Direct your links toward http://www.avalonhigh.com. This'll let people see the latest comic right up front, instead of getting them lost in the site.

    468x60 - 6 kB

    468x60 - 55 kB

    468x60 - 31 kB (lower quality)

    468x60 - 25 kB

    150x60 - 6 kB

    150x60 -5 kB

    150x60 -5 kB

    100x40 -6 kB


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