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I'm gonna use this page to list all of my absolute favorite webcomics. These are the ones I read religiously... so if you like Avalon, chances are you'll like these too.

Now, I'm sorry to be doing this, but I have to refuse any requests to be added to this page. There are hundreds of links pages out there that are far more popular than this one, and you'd be much better off being listed in those (ask me about 'em if you're looking). However, I encourage everyone to tell me if you've got a webcomic so I can check it out myself. If it suddenly becomes one of my faves, it'll get listed here. :-)

[Acid Reflux] Acid Reflux
By Emily Bingham
This is the story of God... a young girl who has just inherited her older sister's pet universe. You'd think a story like that could write itself... but no, this comic features a very detailed and thought-out story arc that should keep you addicted for a long, long time.
[Dec. 5, 2000]

[The Bad Boys of Computer Science] The Bad Boys of Computer Science
By Nicholas Yu
This is one of those rare webcomics which can be accurately be described by its title. Well, okay, it has very little to do with Comp. Sci. anymore. But it's still funny.
[Dec. 5, 2000]

[Common Grounds] Common Grounds
By Corey Marie Kitley
From the creator of Sit & Spin comes this tale about the proprietors of an independent coffee shop. This comic features some excellent character development, as well as some great laughs.
[Dec. 5, 2000]

[College Roomies From Hell] College Roomies From Hell
By Maritza Campos
They aren't really from hell, but hell occasionally drops by to visit... CRFH showcases the daily lives of some pretty messed up roommates (although technically, doesn't that make them "average?") - this is deadly slapstick comedy.
[Mar. 16, 2000]

[Ein Stuck Natur] Ein Stück Natur
By Vincent D'Arrigo
I'd like to think this is a philosophical strip, but most of the time it's just an oddball riot. :-) You have to read this one from the beginning to see how all the characters (literally) evolve. And it's well-drawn to boot! (And it's also finished... but the archive is still available.)
[Dec. 5, 2000]

[Funny Farm] Funny Farm
By Ryan Smith
This is what happens when you incorporate a bunch of animal roomies in a human world. Things just aren't quite right. :-) This strip is typically hilarious, and is usually sheer comic brilliance.
[Apr. 17, 2000]

[Joe Average] Joe Average
By Aaron M. Holm, Esq.
A weekly comic about Joe, your everyday everyman. Now you can laugh at someone who goes through the exact same misfortune as you do. :-)
[June 5, 2000]

[Real Life] Road Waffles
By Eight
Another comic by a Canadian, which started the same day as Avalon, and the main character's name (Haley) rhymes with Ceilidh. But that's where the similarities end... Road Waffles is dark comedy, with appropriately wacky characters and excellent artwork. If Quentin Tarantino made a daily webcomic, this is what it would look like.
[Mar. 16, 2000]

[Sluggy Freelance] Sluggy Freelance
By Pete Abrams
My absolute favorite on-line comic. This one has everything: epic adventures, side-splitting comedy, stunning artwork, and a knife-wielding homicidal bunny rabbit. Just start from the beginning of the archive, and I swear you'll be hooked.
[Nov. 10, 1999]

[Unlike Minerva] Unlike Minerva
By Terrence Marks
Unlike Minerva features five animal actors as they try to get by at the Minerva Theatre. This comic strip is unique because the artist constantly changes - Terrence writes the scripts, and others draw it.
[Nov. 10, 1999]

[Walkerton] It's Walky
By David Willis
This is the continuation of the hit comic Roomies, which extends the sub-plot involving a band of aliens intent on world domination, and the group of humans trying to stop them. Still carries some of the drama that made Roomies famous, but now concentrates more on humour than teenage angst. :-)
[Jan. 16, 2000]

[Zebra Girl] Zebra Girl
By Joe England
The comic that proves the age-old adage about that thin line between genius and insanity. In fact, this comic could serve as the formal definition of that line. Come for the outstanding artwork, stay for the madcap comedy.
[Dec. 5, 2000]

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